"Secrets are the fuel that keeps this city burning. I thought I could play the game better than anyone... but I was wrong."

An American Conspiracy is available now!

Twists, turns, crisis, and intrigue, An American Conspiracy portrays a gripping inside view of the shocking political culture of Washington, DC. Encounter the murky depths of corruption that compose the business of politics in this riveting novel.

I am Alan Moore.

I have been an active writer for over seventeen years. Most of my professional career has been spent in the marketing field, promoting various businesses, organizations, and political campaigns. This has given me a unique perspective on the political process and the many personalities on the inside of government. I use these experiences to bring a level of authenticity to my writing, which uses both subtle and explicit commentary on political and governmental structures.


An American Conspiracy

When Representative Madison Gladstone's first term in Congress is interrupted by the shocking suicide of her longtime mentor, she won't rest until she discovers the reasons behind his death. Pursuing answers, Madison partners with an enigmatic FBI agent who harbors his own agenda.

Respectable Horror

'Do serial killers, glistening viscera, oceans of gore and sadistic twists make you yawn behind a polite hand? Are you looking for something a little more interesting than a body count? These are tales that astonish and horrify, bring shivers and leave you breathless. You may be too terrified to find out what happens next – but you won’t be able to resist turning the page. We’ll make you keep the lights on. For a very long time.'

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