Marketing Is A Science

By Alan Moore

For almost a decade and a half, I've helped companies and organizations reach their fullest potential. While marketing is a component, at the heart of what I do is solve problems. After all, no one buys a hammer, they buy holes in their wall. If there's one thing I've learned it's that business owners and entrepreneurs don't care about CPC, CPM, or other inside baseball marketing metrics. They care about the bottom line. So that's what I do - I examine the pain points of a client and create a process to remove that anxiety.

I take a scientific approach to Marketing. Every dollar spent on marketing must be quantified by Return on Investment (ROI). Investing in advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, or Adobe, for instance, enables tracking for every campaign. In other words, there is no place to hide. And ultimately, that's why my customers are happy. They have data showing their bottom line is improving thanks to my efforts.


Every business model must incorporate digital marketing. In today's business climate, having a limited digital presence only results in extinction.

As a consultant, I have the unique advantage of applying fresh eyes to the problems and successes of an organization. Even the most well-oiled machines of businesses can improve their marketing. If your business is seeing record profits, I can help you set a new record next year. If your company is lagging behind the competition, I can skyrocket your operations past competitors.

How do I do this? I take a holistic approach to your marketing. By examining your analytics, I am capable of determining the best course of action.

Marketing is not advertising. It's the process encompassing the entire customer journey.

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