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Get the FSBO Training Package for 80% off if you act NOW!

For-Sale-By-Owner Training Guides + 990 Editable Ad Templates:

Sell your home for top dollar without paying a realtor one penny!



FSBO Training Package: 2 Owner Guides for Homeowners Plus 990 Editable Ad Templates
$ 17.00


  • FSBO Training Package: 2 Owner Guides for Homeowners Plus 990 Editable Ad Templates

  • Total

    USD $17.00


Lightning DEAL: Only $17 (80% off)

Realtors push the lie that only they can sell homes...

A sale is a sale. Whether you're selling a book, car, or house - it all uses the same principles. And nowadays social media has become the greatest selling tool in the history of mankind. If you know how to tap into that power then you can sell anything! In this simple guide, I demystify these secrets so even someone who doesn't regularly use social media can use these tactics.

Social Media Guide

To help you succeed I'm offering even more:

Tips to a DIY Home Sale Cover

Tips to a DIY Home Sale Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of selling your home without a realtor. We'll go over market timing, establishing the listing price, property preparation, showings and open houses, negotiating terms and prices, closing, and more!

990+ Editable Real Estate Social Media Templates

All you need is a free Canva account and you can edit any of the 990+ templates that I provide with a click of the button! It could not be simpler! I've included signage, ad templates for the most popular social networks, and more. Everything is customizable and 100% yours to use as you please license-free.


Combined Value: $1,500

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover When You Order The FSBO Training Package...

The easy-to-do trick that many homeowners are using to sell their home INSTEAD of officially listing.

How to stage your home.

What content to post on social media that will attract home buyers.

The secret of using hashtags.

The top social media platforms best suited to sell your home.

What NOT to post on social media.

The SECRET realtors use to sell homes by barely lifting a finger.

How to create a live tour of your house.

Why social media can supercharge the speed of your home sale.

Which real estate sites to use (you don't need to be a realtor to use them).

How to sell your home fast if you don't have time to go through a traditional sale.

About The Author

Alan Moore

Recently, I was forced to sell my home. I was in some hard times and needed to downsize FAST. With a family to support, we needed as much money from the sale of our house as possible. We could not afford to pay a realtor what would have been $30,000! We buckled down, sold our house, and brought in $160,000 in revenue! Things have turned around in a BIG way since then. Now I want to empower people like you to avoid oppressive realtor fees. I hope this FSBO training package is a step in the right direction for you and your loved ones!


Great Guide...

"This is truly a great guide on how to sell your home on social media."

- Patrick S.


Learned So Much...

"I learned so much in this guide. I really had no idea how simple it is to sell your home with just a few Facebook posts."

- Mary L.


What a Bargain...

"I would have paid a few hundred dollars for this guide. The money I've saved from selling my house on social media is incredible. What a bargain!"

- Jerry R.


No Brainer...

"We were skeptical at first but for $17 we thought, why not? We were both pleasantly surprised at how simple the lessons were. Thank you, Alan!"

- Tim & Jodi G.

You don't want to miss this offer!

-Alan Moore

Social Media Guide


I usually sell each of these e-books and the 990 Canva templates separately. For a limited time only, you can get all three (valued over $1,500) for only $17.

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